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Manufature description:


1-this is a electric shower. A cold water shower connection and an electric connection are require.

2-Do the entry point for water pipe and electric cable match your requirement ?

3-is the kilowatt(KW) rating of thias shower suitable for your installation? the KW rating is showing on front of the box.

4-Is the recommend minimimun electric cable size available? for showers rated above 8kg.,a minimun cable size of 10mm is

  strongly recommended.

5-Do you have the minimum water pressure require to operate this shower? Please see Technical DATA.

  section on the side of the box for required Pressure.


   These shower are very popular in Asia and Europe in  hotels, motels, etc: Simple to install and easy replacement. Fix the shower on bath room wall

 Need electical connection and only need cold water connection in to shower; shower build in heater so will continue  hot water supply

 you will never run out of hot water.Good for hotel or motel rooms, home and small office. economical because only use power when on.

 these shower also used in moter homes, caravans etc. Shower Made in Britain Good Quality.

  I have only limited Quantity  $450.00 each if you buy 10: 10% off.

 if you need more information please ring 09-6254870  between 9.00am to 12.00 or email



    Ph:    0212350841


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